San Pascual, Ubay, 6315 Bohol

Titular: San Vicente Ferrer
Feast: Last Saturday of April

Parish Priest: Rev. Father RANULFO P. BERNALDEZ

Schedule of Masses:

Biabas Church

Located on the southern part of the municipality, San Pascual is bounded Barangay Lomangog and Imelda to the north. To the south, it is bounded by Barangay Cambaol, part of Alicia town, to the east by Barangay Biabas and to the west by Bulilis and Gabi. San Pascual has approximate distance of 12 km from the town center, Poblacion.

Long time ago, many believed that San Pascual could help solve the animal plaque. So, they sent the saint in the barrio to be offered and prayed by the barrio folks that might help the control of the animals' plaque. Fortunately, the prayers were heard and the rest of the cattle from the ranch were saved. From that time on, the inhabitants in the barrio venerated San Pascual Baylon as their Patron Saint.

Years lapse, it was a customary activity of the parochianos to return all the saints from the barrios to the town during fiesta celebration. San Pascual was the biggest among all saints of the church and it was quite heavy to carry. Transportation was rare at the time to transport the saint back and forth from the barrio to the tow. It happened that the errand boy felt lazy of his assigned task, so he picked up the small Saint from the altar of the church and bring it to the barrio, which is now the Saint Vincent Ferrer. The barrio people were astonished the next Sunday at the chapel after they have discovered that the saint on the altar was and small different from their usual devotion.

From that time, the Teniente del Barrio called a barrio assembly among all residents to verify their real Patron Saint. Soon, they have resolved this problem through conducting a raffle between the two saints. Whosoever wins the raffle shall be declared their permanent Patron Saint. By God’s will and to believe it or not, from the history of the past, Saint Vincent Ferrer came out the winner in three consecutive draws.