Biabas, Ubay, 6315 Bohol

Titular: San Isidro Labrador
Feast: May 17

Parish Priest: Rev. Father RAUL F. CUYAG

Schedule of Masses:

Biabas Church

Located on the eastern part of the municipality, Biabas overlooks Bohol Sea to the east. To the west, it is bounded by Barangay San Pascual, to the south by barangay Abaca and Paraiso, part of the municipality Bohol, and to the north by barangay Lomangog and San Vicente has approximate distance of 15 km from the town center, Poblacion.

The barangay was named after the Bayabas tree, Biabas, in Visayan vernacular, which are plenty throughout the barangay since the Spanish colonization.